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Use sound as your adaptogen, frequency re-balancing with fork tuning

Since the day you were born, your body has been storing all memories and feelings within our cellular DNA, subconsciousness and our bodies electromagnetic field (or as some of you may know as the Aura).

The very first stress response you ever had, is going to be the automatic response your body reacts to each time you encounter stress. Everytime you feel sad, you experience the waveform of sadness. Now that record of those feelings are actually stored in your electromagnetic biofield. Everytime you feel angry, that waveform also imprints itself in your bio electromagnetic field. These tracks that get laid down early and become the tracks for the rest of our lives. Just Like our minds have a subconsciousness, so does our bodies electromagnetic field, or Aura. In order to live a life to our full potential, we must "re charge" our magnetic field. As humans, we are often "being drained" of our battery more often the charging our battery. Tuning forks can give you just the balance you need to overcome these drained areas. We typically think of our bodies as physical (Bones, Skin, Blood, Cells), and as chemical(hormones, chemicals in the brain). But we don't often think of them as electric. Yet, we are electric. Our brain and heart creates electromagnetic pulses. (