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Use sound as your adaptogen, frequency re-balancing with fork tuning

Since the day you were born, your body has been storing all memories and feelings within our cellular DNA, subconsciousness and our bodies electromagnetic field (or as some of you may know as the Aura).

The very first stress response you ever had, is going to be the automatic response your body reacts to each time you encounter stress. Everytime you feel sad, you experience the waveform of sadness. Now that record of those feelings are actually stored in your electromagnetic biofield. Everytime you feel angry, that waveform also imprints itself in your bio electromagnetic field. These tracks that get laid down early and become the tracks for the rest of our lives. Just Like our minds have a subconsciousness, so does our bodies electromagnetic field, or Aura. In order to live a life to our full potential, we must "re charge" our magnetic field. As humans, we are often "being drained" of our battery more often the charging our battery. Tuning forks can give you just the balance you need to overcome these drained areas. We typically think of our bodies as physical (Bones, Skin, Blood, Cells), and as chemical(hormones, chemicals in the brain). But we don't often think of them as electric. Yet, we are electric. Our brain and heart creates electromagnetic pulses. (think about what an EKG does to restart your heart, or an EEG to read the electric waves in your brain). The body is essentially light and electromagnetic signaling. The sun is electric, the planet is electric and the poles on earth are electric. This detail that we are electric beings is often overlooked. When activating BioField Tuning Forks, we are creating an electric pulse, a magnetic sound wave of vibration that reacts with the human magnetic field and in return reacting with the incoherent waves forms. Now when the fork comes into the part of the "record" of our lives, it broadcasts the information that is there. Through sound, each emotion has a different frequency feature. At different waveforms, shaking, pulsating, vibrating, different senses of resistance. We are able to move these areas of increased density. Sound in a specific property range has magnetic properties. Those magnetic properties affect our magnetic properties. re calibrating it, or “auto” tuning it back to its “factory Setting” Those feelings are actually stored in your electromagnetic bio field. Every time you feel angry, that waveform also imprints itself in your bio electromagnetic field. Because of this, it only makes sense that our bodies need “Tune Ups”. In order to create optimum flow in your life, weather it be health, prosperity, pain management, managing body ailments, having that fulfilling career, love life, or all of the above, we need to be balanced for that energy to properly flow in. We need to release these trapped energies in our human energy fields. Sound acts like an adaptogen, it balances what ever is in need. If the energy needs to be brought up, the sound of the tuning fork will bring it up, if the energy needs to be brought down, the sound will bring it down. With tuning forks we are strengthening the midtones and balancing out the neutral midline. By creating this electric wave, and placing it within the human biomagnetic field, I am giving the body a chance to re calibrate the incoherent wave forms, to re align itself with coherent waveforms, which in return will help the body become balanced and re harmonize. When we take new energy, we are restoring it back into the body. Releasing those memories that do not serve us, taking energy from where it doesn't belong and putting it where it does belong. Allowing the energy to do what it is supposed to do, Allowing you to move forward into your life. If this all sounds to "hobey jobey" for you, think of it as basic Newtonian physics. (Wikis definition: The earliest development of classical mechanics is often referred to as Newtonian mechanics. It consists of the physical concepts employed and the mathematical methods invented by Isaac Newton, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and others in the 17th century to describe the motion of bodiesunder the influence of a system of forces.) Basically- Tuning forks initially resonate with whatever is present and because it is producing a strong signal of coherence it trains the body into a coherent state. The degree of freedom you experience in your life is all related to the degree of freedom of your breath. Re harmonize, Re balance, Refresh and Rejuvenate. Do you need a tune up for you mind, body and spirit? Do you have physical ailments that interfere with the quality of life? Pain Anxiety Adrenal stress Digestive issues Menstrual issues Emotional Trauma Depression Fibromyalgia Addiction Fear/phobias Panic attacks Vertigo PTSD Migraines/headaches Restless leg syndrome “Stuckness”

We look forward to giving you back to yourself and igniting your full potential as a human being.

Manda Gannon offers fork tuning sessions customized to fit your personal needs. This will include a full body reading in order to confirm what is needed to "re tune" your body back into its best state. Conducting a biofield tuning sound session, can be conducted in person as well as a virtual Session. I can come to the comfort of your own home. Please contact us at

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