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Meet Ancient Vibrations,
High Vibe Ladies


Ancient Vibrations was created from the heart and soul of a mother and a wish for her to one day work with her children. The patient wait is finally over and the dream is now a reality, that is heart fulfilling.

On our long journey we each came together by letting go of our limiting beliefs and embracing our new way of being. We stepped into the fullest expression of ourselves, awoke and embodied with our powerful goddess energies within each of us. Beyond our family cultural conditioning and disempowering beliefs we stepped into our true essence and fully embody our given talents and gifts that we have each accepted with honor. We are beyond blessed and grateful for our capabilities to embrace our intuitive abilities to help and guide those on the path to enlightenment.

As we guide those through their trials and emotional upsets by helping those who are ready to release and forgive. As it is now time to be replaced with acceptance of self and others. Reminding our spiritual bodies, emotional bodies and our physical bodies to re-member how to absorb the goodness of life and love to its fullest.
Our wish for everyone is that they to see everyone as ourselves – see the divine light and love within.

White Sheet


Years ago I came across a coupon for a Salt Cave.  I decided to try it for my allergies and it benefited me tremendously.   While I was waiting for my appointment the owner of the salon, Jacque Mills, asked me about myself and my overall health.  (I’m sure she noticed I had trouble bending over to remove my shoes).  I told her that beside my allergies the only complaints I had were scar tissue in my low back from surgery, and some arthritis.  She suggested I might be helped using LPG Endermologie. She was right, even after the first visit I was greatly improved.  I have continued my visits now for years and I cannot sing enough praise for the care I have received. In addition to keeping my back feeling great, the atmosphere in Jacque’s studio reduces my stress and promotes calm.  She has a true calling as a holistic healer, and I am so grateful to have found her!

Holding Hands
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