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The new joint- but without the weed. Ancient Vibrations premium organic herbal blend pre rolls.

We at Ancient Vibrations are so excited to be releasing our Organic Herbal Smoke Blends!

No THC, Nicotine or harmful ingredients. Just organic, high vibe herbs.

These have been crafted with so much love and passion, in our excitement for the release we wanted to share some ideas for a high vibe ritual, a self-care night, or just a little moment of joy.

A Herbal Blend Bath

There isn’t much better than taking that first step into a hot bath after a long day. Why not spruce it up with an herbal roll to further relax each muscle and clear your mind. Blends can also be broken up and poured straight into the bath water, or check out our Yoni steams for a blend made for the bath.

A Hike in Nature

We take great gratitude in our Earth and the healing plants it produces that have been channeled into our Herbal Smoke Blends. Yet, the energy of simply being out in nature may be the most effective healing out there. Mix the two by going on your favorite hike or walk and paying gratitude to the very herbs you may be inhaling.

Solo night

Sometimes we need a little time and space to ourselves to really feel like ourselves again. Enjoy a night in with your favorite meal, a movie or book, whatever brings joy to your heart and spark up a soothing blend to relax in

to your evening.

Bring a Friend

Wanting to share? Grab a blanket and a friend and enjoy a day or night on the beach, at the park, watching a sunrise or sunset with a stimulating blend to spark intriguing conversation. Play a game, or smoke with a partner and maybe learn a little more about them and yourself.

Getting Creative

Feeling artistic?? Grab a blend to spark creativity and get in the zone when creating. Paint, throw pottery, dance, sing, write, read, try a new hobby, whatever gets you excited, go for it!!

Getting in the Zone

Getting ready to go to the gym? Maybe it’s time to clean the house? Put on some of your favorite music or listen to a podcast whilst enjoying an invigorating blend that gets you ready to pump some iron, go on that run, clean your space, or maybe just dance out the week's stress.


While our blends follow the moon cycle, that is not their only use. Of course you may celebrate a full or new moon with a blend to the clear and release, whilst welcoming anew! Although any ritual you practice may be accented with that of an herbal blend to aid in whatever energetic shift it is that you seek.

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