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Cleanse the old, nourish the new with OSEA Malibu plant-based seaweed skincare

We were born with a vital force, energy, that has made our body have an intrinsic ability to heal, create, thrive and prosper.

This energy field needs to be strengthened throughout the time of weathered use of everyday life.

The solution is to connect to the divine vital force of etheric energy, Mother Nature, who gives us our potential to thrive in harmony. We must support ourselves with vitality. Mother Earth provides us with that Vitality. Lets encourage this energy to flow, with us and within our lives. We must reconnect with nature, and then reconnect with our nature of a radiant energetic being.

Get outside, take off your shoes and feel earth.

Imagine tiny cords sprouting from the bottoms of your feet, passing through each layer of the earth, deeper and deeper, finally gripping into the center of Mother Earth.

In gratitude, begin to capture her energy through your cords back up to your physical being.

Hold that for a second and just replenish what is needed.

You can also start using natural products. Products that contain bits and pieces of Mother Earth. Like the AMAZING OSEA Malibu plant based skin care line. Seriously everything they have is SO YUMMY. Need to connect with Mother Earth? Connect by using their high vibrational plant based products.

Pure ingredients from Mother Nature herself. Your body soaks up 80% of what you put on your skin. So be mindful of what you use. Toxic ingredients can have a huge contributing factor to a lot of underlying discomforts, diseases and illnesses. You can be confident and put all worries aside when you are using

It’s essential we begin to connect.  Connect by grounding. Connect by nourishing with food. Connect with nature, using nature’s most potent ingredients to clean and nourish our hair and skin without the harmful chemicals.  That’s why we use OSEA malibu, A non-toxic line of luxe vegan and cruelty-free skin and body care. Plant-based wellness essentials to keep

mind and body in sync, naturally.     Shop OSEA malibu by clicking the image below, enjoy.

Enjoy 10% off your entire order with code AV10

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