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Raise your vibration easily with this easy to do tips

Raise Your Vibration To help us all reach a higher consciousness, we need to stay consistent and implement habits that can help us reach our spiritual alignment goal. When you are highly aligned and radiating vibrations of abundance, gratitude, prosperity, unconditional love and optimal health, it is bound to continue to stay in that high frequency, amplifying the consistency of this positive vibration vibe. If you are feeling stuck, unable to allow the universe work in your favor, try to incorporate these simple new "habits" and soon you will see a world of difference. It's quite simple really, and I hope I have made it even more simple by outlining all that needs to done below Stay in a state of gratitude: When we stay in a state of gratitude, we are keeping our vibrations high. Positive energy is being focused on what we do have, allowing the heart to stay open to receive more. Even if it seems hard to be thankful or grateful, try to find a positive in everything. Everything has a polar opposite, so if you are focusing on the "negative side", try and focus on something on the other side of that conflict. Example: "Ugh, I have to go into work today." try to change to: "Wow, I am so lucky I woke up healthy and able to go work and make money" If you truly try (as hard as you truly want to make this change in your life) you will be able to find a positive aspect in every conflict that may arise. If you are feeling stuck, write down a list of 10 things you are cu