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Raise your vibration easily with this easy to do tips

Raise Your Vibration To help us all reach a higher consciousness, we need to stay consistent and implement habits that can help us reach our spiritual alignment goal. When you are highly aligned and radiating vibrations of abundance, gratitude, prosperity, unconditional love and optimal health, it is bound to continue to stay in that high frequency, amplifying the consistency of this positive vibration vibe. If you are feeling stuck, unable to allow the universe work in your favor, try to incorporate these simple new "habits" and soon you will see a world of difference. It's quite simple really, and I hope I have made it even more simple by outlining all that needs to done below Stay in a state of gratitude: When we stay in a state of gratitude, we are keeping our vibrations high. Positive energy is being focused on what we do have, allowing the heart to stay open to receive more. Even if it seems hard to be thankful or grateful, try to find a positive in everything. Everything has a polar opposite, so if you are focusing on the "negative side", try and focus on something on the other side of that conflict. Example: "Ugh, I have to go into work today." try to change to: "Wow, I am so lucky I woke up healthy and able to go work and make money" If you truly try (as hard as you truly want to make this change in your life) you will be able to find a positive aspect in every conflict that may arise. If you are feeling stuck, write down a list of 10 things you are currently grateful for. This will help your mind start to adjust by reacting by seeing the positive as oppose to the negative. We truly need to change our thought pattern. We have a subconsciousness that does some automatic "thinking" for us, and in most times is damaging an opportunity with automatic negative thoughts. If we are in a constant state of dread, we will stay in a consent state of remorse. If we take the time to find the underlying reason for the negative thinking habits we have all grown to react with, we will be able to grow in ways you wont even believe possible. Some of the first "tracks" of anxiety, fear, sadness is embedded into our cellular memory. Our Aura, our electromagnetic bio-field, what ever you want to call it. It is stored in our system until we are able to clear this and until we are able to clear this we will not be able to receive the optimum flow of energy that we are naturally allowed to receive. Meditate Meditation is one of the most powerful tools we can take advantage of. It truly comes to me as a "security blanket". You can create, stabilize and grow mind body and spirit with meditation. You can obtain relief from anxiety,depression,insomnia...the list goes on and on. But one of my favorite things to use meditation for is creating. Being aware that we have the power to create all that we desire, need or want. Visualizing is a form of meditation we all need to take advantage of. Visualizing,feeling and seeing with the heart will allow the mind and spirit allow the energy to take charge and create. Thoughts become things. Just for 68 seconds a day, visualize and feel (with the heart) and it will begin to form reality in your electromagnetic field. Eat the Ancient Way Food is a fabulous way to nourish the body mind and soul. Food holds energy and when we eat that food, it only makes sense that that specific energy is that obtained by our energy. That is why it is so important to eat high vibration foods to feed energy to the body and the spirit. Food made with loving hands and good consciousness puts feelings of love and gratitude to the souls who eat it, spreading the love and good energy throughout. Food made with love and gratitude have the highest vibrations. The ancient way, would be dancing singing, kissing and blessing the food before it was enjoyed. When preparing the food, do it peacefully, lovingly and mindfully. Showing gratitude by giving thanks to the higher power for the nourishing and loving meal made with love and high vibration energy. Try this for your next couple of meals: Bless each meal and feel the gratitude and love for and from your body to receive the nutrients and good energy it is about to provide. Organic everything (or as much as you possible can) Nuts Herbs Fruits Vegetables Raw Honey Raw Chocolate Fermented Foods Herbal Spices and Tea

* Try to avoid GMO, processed, microwavable, frozen fast foods. Lower the intake of alcohol sugar and meat. The more you implement these lifestyle habits, the more consistent your energy frequency, and the more consistent your positive energy, the more you amplify what you project, and as long as you stay in this grateful, positive mind set, watch out world. Get ready for the ride because it is about to take on full speed.....embrace it with love.

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