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Raise Your Vibration, Cleanse your Aura and Boost your Soul

Cleansing our aura is vital for protecting our energy. Imagine yourself under a waterfall that has golden water (filled with pure love and light). Imagine that water rinsing over you with warmth. Cleanse all energy that is no longer serving you.

When you feel fresh, reset and renewed, send love to mother earth and all living things.

A nice little add on to this visualization, repeat:

I am light, I am free, I am going to be totally me.

I have reset my body and my soul, I have reset my mind so I can see things whole.

I am cleansed, I am reset I feel at peace

I am cleansed, I am reset, I take a leap.

I go back to zero, I go back to one.

I welcome in the newness, I welcome in the sun

Opportunities surround me now, I know what just to do.

I know I must move forward, I know I must be true.

With trust and patience I will get what is mine

For I always follow the path of the divine

My hands are in the universe, and the universe holds me

We are one with each other and now I see,

I am pure love and light and I am free to be totally me.

Consume only positive information whether it be from the TV, NEws, Podcasts, Emails, Social Media, conversations with friends and family.

It's very very important to keep our thoughts focused on the good. What we think about only magnifies what we attract into our energy field. Do not turn a blind or stay oblivious to the current environment our world is in. But, try to limit the amount of times you expose yourself to the media.

* Be honest with your friends and family that you are not interested in hearing anything that can promote fear. Unless there is a specific update that is needed to be aware of, be honest and protect your energy. The constant negative news and conversations can only fuel the fear. We need to back away from that, send unconditional pure love and light to all those affected and then disconnect as soon as possible.

3.Looking at the positive, a different perspective.

There is always a bigger picture, that something negative can actually ignite positivity by bringing human beings together. We are all interconnected. Maybe some things happen that cause certain things to take place.

We needed a reminder of what is important to us. Sometimes we do not know what we have until it is taken away from us. Lets us take this time to appreciate our freedom and life we so often take for granted.

We needed to go back to basics as human beings.

We need to learn to grow our own food as it is so important to not rely on the grocery stores to provide for us.

Let this be a calling for all healers to help mother earth and all living things.

Take this time to share your gifts for all those in need, and we are all in need at this time.

Take this time to learn. Clean, cleanse and organize your space.

A time to reset. A time to unwind. A time to re-connect, rejuvenate,renew and recharge.

Lets try and remember what is truly important.

Reconnecting with community, family and friends. Let's be thankful for our health and that we are able to take this time to recharge ourselves.

The world needs a little break. The people in the world need a little break. All of us have become immune to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Rushing here, running there. It is a new normal to be in a constant state of chaos.

Take this time to renew.

Let us all bask in the opportunity to not have to do anything except relax and self care self love and reconnect to what has been lost in this hectic world.

Instead of having to do anything, take some time to meditate. Reconnect with your higher self. So many people are coming together and the world again is showing its strength in pure love for one another.

If we can all tap into focusing on the positive, if we can focus on human connection, focus on love and focus on supporting each other, beautiful things can happen.

*this is not to downplay the severity of what the world is currently going through. This message is to inspire us to look at the bright side at this very dark time in the world.

Lets all come together and shine light on one another. Encourage good thoughts. Encourage positive energy. Show pure unconditional love to the world and mother earth and all living beings. Love yourself. Take care of yourself. Take your time and simply, just breath.

Accomplishing these habits will help the mind and body to align within natural balance:

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