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Are your hormones balanced?

Are your hormones unbalanced?

Hormones can take a lot out of us. We usually dread the monthly visit of our period and all the outrageous feelings that come along with it. BUT there are habits you could implement to your day to create a more balanced transition during these “hormonal” times, helping alleviate the uncontrollable. Accomplishing these habits will help the mind and body to align within natural balance: For the Mind Grounding yourself in the morning before you start your day Avoiding electronics for at least the first hour of waking up Daily meditations, mantras, yoga, stretching or movement through the body For the Body, Practice Daily movement (Yoga, QiQong, Taichi) Listening to bodys message and intuition helping align body with your needs Stimulate lymph with meridian dry brushing Start tracking cycle on calendar Switch to menstrual cups or sponges Daily bowel movements Vaginal steaming once a month after your period Use EWG approved beauty products Eat Create nutrition protocol for your personalized needs, eat for your blood type. Drink organic whenever possible Avoid plastics in cooking and drinking Avoid cooking with aluminum foil, replace with parchment paper Avoid all processed and packaged foods, EAT FRESH Minimize sugar and replace with coconut sugar, monk fruit, honey or dates

Woman hormonal supplements: Black Cohosh, Wild Yam, Motherwort and Ashwaganda Sleep Sleep by 10:00pm and wake by 6:00am

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