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Acupressure with Ear seeds

What are they? Ear Seeds and Acupressure

Ear seeds are small seeds designed to stimulate a very specific pressure point on the ear.

It acts as acupuncture but uses pressure as oppose to the needle puncturing the skin. It uses acupressure through the meridian points, and focused using the seeds on the ear.

Energy travels along the meridian found throughout the body. Our ears actually hold pressure points that respond with almost every organ in our body, as well as clearing any energy blockage within our mind body and spirit. Depending on what you are focusing on, you place the seeds with that corresponding pressure point on the ear.

Remember: Health is based on the energy flow throughout your body. Ear seeds can help us activate our Qi energy. With the help of ear seeds we can naturally accomplish relief and a sense of well being.

Ear seeds can bring relief with:


Chronic Pain

Lower back pain




Migraines and other headaches


Call Ancient Vibrations today, share what you are trying to accomplish and we will place the seeds with the corresponding pressure points and start healing today.

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