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Sound Journey that comes to you

Rebalance your mind body and energy with a private sound healing, AV comes to you

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 444 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

What is a Sound Bath? Experience a Deep Meditation without any of the efforts with the sound healing offered by these Crystal Bowls ​ A balancing sound bath focused on the individuals' specific needs. Usually tending to emotions and areas needed of the release of stagnating, negative energy. A guided session led with crystal bowls, chimes, and tuning forks. ​ Experience the full-body immersive sound bath privately, virtually, or in-person event. Hire Ancient Vibrations for a private session or a group session. ​ Crystal bowls vibrate and send out frequencies that heavily influence our brain state and function. When we fully surrender to the sounds, we are able to access our subconscious, the data bank of all experiences, memories and emotions. ​ During a crystal bowl guided mediation sound healing, you are able to intentionally release, re-write and rewire our limiting beliefs, self-talk and self-worth. Sound Healing Raising your vibration Elevating your frequency Bestow in vital energy and health But what does this all really mean? Energetically Balanced bodies manifest a balanced reality. Our physical bodies and energetic bodies, record and store all memories, experiences, feelings, traumas and events. These emotional “blocks” literally block or manifest more of these results into your reality. Allow yourself to witness, acknowledge and accept your daily contributes of thoughts, reactions and expectations of situations you encounter. Once we identify, we can begin to cleanse. Clear and then heal. Allow yourself to witness one or two negative thought patterns a day and make a conscious decision to re write them. Pinpoint and then change your perspective on the situation. With sound healing with alchemized crystal bowls, tuning forks and other high vibrational instruments, you can accelerate this process. The process of releasing negative experiences that have contributed to limited beliefs. This is your time to claim your power. This is the time to take action with gentle steps to assist yourself to a more harmonized way of living. All you have to do is begin to open. Open your heart. Open your mind

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