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Payment plans available 
led by certified practitioner of 30+ years- Jacque Mills

The Abundance Guide

1:1 intensive coaching with services led by certified practioner Manda

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Reestablish connection with your divine self


Open Yourself in allowance to receive abundance


1:1 intensive consultation to

pinpoint and identify contributing factors

to limited beliefs and thinking patterns


Shift & Rewrite relationship with money energy


Tools to implement daily


Alchemy Bowl Sound healing


Biofeedback session to cleanse and clear energy field

$333 - payment plans available

The Divine Connection to self

Welcome a life changing personal and spiritual transformation.

We are honored if you can join us as we guide you through a powerful awakening.

A powerful Transformation

The Divine Transformation 11 day workshop includes:


5 1x1 calls to customize your practice and pinpoint your specific needs

2 (two) Sound Healing/ Releasing sessions 

We will pinpoint what needs to be released,

identify limited beliefs and what current blocks you have set unintentionally.


Together, we will determine specific daily habits keeping your vibration low


For 11 days you will be instructed with customized

meditations, journaling prompts, affirmations,

body movements, guided wisdom or sound healing to support you during this

significant transformation.

$112 for 11 day Divinity Transformation 

$208 Biofeedback session (usually $150) 11 day divinity workshop

Ho'oponopono Divinity Workshop

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Payment options available

Led by certified practitioner Manda Gannon

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$222 - payment plans available


$333 - payment plans available

Sound Healing Sessions 


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