Chakra Crystal Healing

Crystal Chakra Healing

Each of our chakras have a specific vibrational frequency. See colors, or more specifically “light” in various frequencies that we can actually see with our eyeballs is just a tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum (EM spectrum). The colors (light frequencies) arrange themselves in order of decreasing vibrational wavelengths. Of these specific light frequencies, red is the longer wavelength (lower frequency) & violet is the shortest wavelength (higher frequency) with the most information. A crystal has a precise geometric pattern in its molecular blueprint.  Crystals are going to be in a higher amplitude energy field than us due to their geometric perfection. We’re going to entrain with the amplitude of their higher energy when similar frequencies are present. Crystals have higher amplitude due to that geometric perfection…due to that, they are going to clear out & balance our chakras, making them more stable, entraining them with their higher amplitude energy. Thereby, changing the emotional & biochemical state of that chakra to the correct frequencies & also helping to maintain their stability.