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Channeled Light Language

The language of light or light language is a frequency and vibration of sound that is omitting energy streams into the consciousness. Though it sounds like a made up language or speaking in the tongue it is about what resonates with each individual on an energetic level without really understanding what is being said. The frequency of light language bypasses the logical brain allowing the body to absorb and carry the information through the energy wave and to the neuropathways. This rainbow of light language is a higher harmonic frequency that allows the body to release energetic blocks and allows information and data to come into the biofield while bringing us back into balance. I remember as a child making up a language that would make me feel better when I was sad but I had no idea what was really coming through. I now know that our infinite self can access this language of light at will. Some say it makes them laugh and some say they cannot stop the tears from flowing. Some say they feel like they are finally home while others say it is so familiar and they had forgotten. By tapping into the knowing and being present and intentional is a wonderful way of stepping into this different type of energy. I channel for the collective and use this modality to transmute the light and the codes. We are a collective consciousness and the language of light brings unity together. As I allow for these geometric energy upgrades to speak to our souls limitlessness and free us from conformity by allowing this to resonate through us at a deeper state of being.

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