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LIFE System Biofeedback 

LIFE System is able to assist in achieving Stress Management, Muscle Relaxation, and Preventative Health Care, while supporting the wellbeing of our clients. The LIFE System biofeedback device attempts to identify and record subtle, informational “stress potentials”, provided by the client during the assessment (“test”) procedure. The flow or blockage of this information reflects a profound system of communication that demonstrates body-mind intelligence and inter-connection. The results are presented in the form of charts, numbers, and text, making it easy for the technician and client to understand. The computer program evaluates each response and then challenges the individual with that information by feeding it back to them. The client uses this information as a self-regulating tool to redefine areas of stress and muscle tension in the body. This process assists the body’s self-corrective, natural defense mechanisms, by encouraging relaxation, balance, and harmony.


The LIFE System is an amazing tool that you can use to keep yourself in excellent health, easily, safely — giving yourself LIFE therapy, once, twice, or three times each week. Self-Care – Use the LIFE to Take Care of Your Own Health·


The LIFE System is an amazing “wellness” tool that enables you to care for yourself, your family, or your friends.·


You can use the LIFE System to monitor your health in a relaxed way, safely, gently.

You can use the LIFE System preventively to keep your system operating at “optimal health” levels all the time.


Gives you unbiased information from your own subconscious so you can see what your major stressors are.·


You can check yourself out at any time you have alarming or worrisome symptoms – nights, weekends, holidays – when other help is not available.· Allows you to be intelligent about your health.

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