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1:1 Gentle Guidance

Conciously Create a life that successfully fufills all your dreams and hearts desires. Learn how to integrate and embody the wisdom and techniques to lead a divinely guided life.


Customized sessions lasting between 1 hour to 2 hours. Curated on your specific goals and desires. Each session includes a guided meditation, follow up homework, embodiment suggestions and help to integrate life lasting change into your everyday life. We transform from the root, re-wire and re-fire new ways of thinking and being. emotions are energy in motion, lets consciously create the life you desire together.

Starting at $155 per hour, energetic exchange may vary.

1:1 Intensive Transformation Guidance

Conciously Creation Embodiment 1:1 Intensive Guidance, Manifesting with ease and grace.

Womb Healing: release, cleanse, renew

1:1 Ho'oponopono Teachings

1:1 How to Re-wire and Re-fire Brain Patterns to consciously Create a new way of feeling and Being

1:1 Raise Your Vibration - Change your Energy

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