Ancient Vibrations offers custom medicinal herbal blends for vaginal steaming. A non-invasive and natural treatment for cleansing the vagina, uterus as well as the entire reproductive tract. 


The use of medicinal herbs and their enormous benefits tend to outweigh the unfortunate side effects of some conventional drugs. Making this herbal blend the perfect nonpharmacologic treatment available for reclaiming health and wellbeing. Herbal medicine is the new modern day healer as it fights naturally against those that need emotional, physical, mental and spiritual healing.


Mother earth has given us an abundant amount of herbs and plants to aid in our healings. It is our turn now to take what mother earth has graciously given us and in turn we need to learn how to create our own healing practices in a safe, natural and organic way. Our custom herbal blends offer herbal benefits that protect our health and wellness while targeting those specific needs each individual requires.  Let us embrace these ancient medicinal practices so we take our healing back into our own hands.


Ancient Vibrations makes each blend completely customized to you and your emotional, spiritual, and physical needs! Please use our contact form to give a brief description of some of your ailments you are hoping to relieve.


Examples: menstrual cramps, bloating, anxiety, depression, postpartum, and many more. 


We may ask you to answer a few questions just so we can ensure we get the perfect blend for you!


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