The awakening of your chakras begin here


We are energy forces, our energy is generated in our chakra system. Our current state of energy reflects into our daily lives and the quality of it. Let’s harness this energy and take control of our lives.


join us as we dive into the beautiful understanding of how to utilize, cleanse, create and connect to our highest selves with our chakra system.


Guided by deep wisdom, we reconnect with our ancient knowledge. We will learn each chakra, what they relay energy to, the symbolic characteristics and how to fully utilize and empower there energy.


our potential is limitless and we are so excited to guide you. To guide you to your energetic body in which you can create anything you hope and desire.

the chakra connection



4 1:1 guided wisdom lead by Jacque

2 pre recorded in depth videos on chakra system

2 chakra guided meditations

powerful Ancient tools, prayers and wisdom


you will end this workshop feeling proficient and in control of all you hope and desire.

The Chakra Connection