One of a kind, unique quartz crystal clusters.


Message us to schedule a virtual "crystal show room" viewing at your convience.


Have you ever wondered where to buy high quality healing crystals without breaking the bank? 


Ancient Vibrations offers genuine gems, stone and crystals. Our beautiful collection comes from Belo Horizonte, a City in Brazilones. Minas Gerais (which means "General Mines") it is the country's best-known mining province, famed for abundant quartz.


Over the course of a crystal’s development, its unique energy is stored and then radiated. You can use crystals for healing, chakra work, mediation assistance while enhancing your overall energy field. Use for yourself or any home or work environments. Create a sacred space for yourself with crystals organic beauty. Choosen  with tender love and care and cleansed  with sage and charged every full and new moon with intention. 



Crystal combinations will vary. Unless you specify which crystal you want.


Order will ship between 2-5 days once piece if confirmed by buying party.


Quartz Crystal Clusters