Our Quantum biofeedback machine makes a connection that assists the flow of energy that connects to every organ, every cell, every thought and every emotion throughout our being. We have the ability to test energetic resonance of supplements and offer added specific frequencies with our signature frequency test plate. We have the ability to imprint water, objects and crystals.  


When the body shows off its imbalances, we introduce the imprinted water with a variety of specific frequencies allowing the body to intake the exact frequency it is asking for to help rebalance its energy back into a state of connection. 


By running our Quantum biofeedback, it allows us to see our clients specific imbalances that show up front and center, allowing us to get them back into balance.  We are blessed to offer unlimited amounts of energetic remedies that are created for each individue while addressing their specific needs. By rebalancing the energetic field, it allows for the frequencies to restore balance within the physical, mental, emotional and energetic body.  


Many have crossed over to the side of nonpharmacologic methods as their new choice of healing treatments. By offering vibrational methods that are created specifically for the needs of that individual body as it delivers what the whole body is notably asking for.


Our Vibrational Medicine is a completely personalized blend. After purchase please email us through our contact form in order to answer a few questions needed to run your personal energy field and get the reading needed for your vibrational medicine!!

Vibrational Medicine Tincture