If any of these resonate, this Rose Quartz sphere can benefit you:

  • You're ready to date or be in love
  • Your relationship needs an infusion of passion and romance
  • You're working on self-love 
  • You're working on the Heart Chakra
  • You appreciate crystals with a story


Attract the greatest gift into your life- love. Are you looking for deep and profound connections, both physically and emotionally? Rose Quartz is the stone of romance that is ready to help you find this happiness. Rose Quartz will show you the unfathomable power of an open heart. It activates your Heart Chakra center and lights your aura aglow.


Repeat outloud while holding crystal close or on your heart center

 "My heart is strong"


A pyramid is a sacred geometrical shape that collects energy from the universe and centers it down to us through the apex. This is why the pyramids in Egypt create a great energy vortex. Many people today enjoy incredible results working with pyramids for healing and lifestyle improvement. Crystal pyramids are full of pyramid power and can be used to benefit you in several ways.

Brazilian Rose Quartz Pyramids